Who are we?

Forum Etudes offers an extremely professional approach to consumer focus groups.

Our approach

Forum Etudes was founded in 1993 and specialises in the logistics for Market research studies, working for clients in the consultancy and MKT sector. We actively recruit consumers and professionals with the primary objective of responding to market requirements, in a transparent manner. 

Type of project undertaken:

B to B and B to C: 

  • Qualitative recruitment
  • Quantitative recruitment
  • Online surveys
  • Recruitment of online Focus groups 
  • Recruitment for Bulletin boards
  • Consumer testing

Methods used: 

  • Panels
  • Listings
  • On-site
  • Online
  • "Real-life" settings
  • Social networks


  • Mass consumption
  • New technologies / Multimedia 
  • Cosmetics
  • Banks / Finances 
  • Medical
  • B to B 
  • Automobile listings