Who can sign up on the site "Forum Etudes"?

Everyone without exception can sign up, regardless of your age, your profession, etc ... All profiles bring ideas.

Is there any age limit?

No there is no age limit. Your opinion is valuable regardless your age. Everyone is invited to sign up.

Is my registration free?

Your registration is completely free. Becoming a member of the "Forum Etudes" panel is not only free but also lucrative because later you can earn money or gifts by participating in consumer meetings.

When can I cancel my registration?

You can ask at any time not to be part of the panel of "Forum Studies" anymore. All you need to do is send an email to the following address: contact@forumetudes.com. Or unsubscribe directly by logging in with your login information in the member area of our site www.forumetudes.com.

Who are the backers of the studies?

They are study companies, advertising agencies, big marketing groups. They are also advertisers.

For all these professionals, the opinion of the consumers is important and even essential because it contributes to the creation or the improvement of products and services of which you are the main users.

How does a consumer meeting or an interview unfold?

It is the meeting of a group of 6 to 12 people who express themselves, debate on various subjects.

A professional facilitates the discussion and promotes interactions between all participants.

Your opinion during these consumer meetings can allow to launch new concepts or improve the quality of some products or services.

What topics are discussed during a consumer meeting?

The themes of group meetings are many and varied :

Hygiene products / Beauty / care



Consumer goods



Sports / Leisure

Etc ...

Can my children participate in opinion surveys?

Market research companies sometimes conduct opinion surveys with children, but minors can only respond to or participate in consumer meetings with parental onsent. You must tick the box "I allow my children to participate in consumer meetings and polls" on your registration form.

How will I be compensated for my participation in consumer testing?

You will be compensated either by check or by gift certificates, for your participation in meetings and interviews, and redeemable points in gifts from our partner Kadéos. For your participation in the online survey the type of compensation is specified during each recruitment for a consumer meeting or an individual interview.

How will I be recruited?

Depending on the profiles sought for a specific study, you will be contacted by e-mail or by phone and a pre-selection questionnaire of a few minutes will validate or not your recruitment for the study.

Can I refuse to attend consumer meetings?

You are quite free to accept or refuse to attend consumer meetings if you do not have the desire or the time. Joining the consumer panel of "Forum Etudes" does not make your participation mandatory for all consumer testing.

Where and when are paid consumer meetings held?

These group meetings usually take place in the offices of the research companies or interview rooms rented for the occasion. The days and hours of meetings are specified before each recruitment. They can take place during the day or early evening.

How do I know my point balance for my online survey participations?

You can access your Forum Etudes points balance by logging in and visiting your Member Area. You will find the balance of your Forum Etudes points as well as the correspondences in gift points.

How can I edit my information or add someone living in my household?

All you need to do is log in to the member area of our website www.forumetudes.com with your login details and you will be able to access your registration profile.

What if I cannot participate in a study I am invited to?

You must notify us by phone 24 hours in advance (except in cases of force majeure) at 01 40 56 00 15, so that we can replace your profile.