Why register ?

By registering in our panel, you will become an active member of Forum Etudes and its panel of studies, and this will enable you to give your opinion and earn money in the form of bank check or gift certificates.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to participate in consumer meetings (Focus Group) or to answer marketing studies, opinion surveys, opinion polls, online surveys, product testing and testing of new products, test people, advertising test, but also to be part of a Cosmetic Panel or Medical Panel in order to make Cosmetic Tests, Medical Tests ...

This will be your way of giving your opinion on the daily life, the motivations of your purchases, your choices in everyday life, from marketing research firms, polling institutes, and advertisers.

In exchange for this participation and according to the compensated surveys: Focus group, online surveys, consumer test, you will earn either Forum Etudes points, which cumulated allow you to benefit from multi-brand gift certificates or a choice of gift from the catalog of our partner Kadéos, or to benefit from an incentive by cheque, these being predefined before your agreement to participate in each type of study.

We invite you to conscientiously complete your registration to our consumer panel so that you increase your chances of being selected for our paid surveys.
La confidentialité de vos réponses est assurée et vous aurez la possibilité, à tout moment, de vous désinscrire, ou de modifier certaines de vos données.

However, you should be aware that no system, at the moment, is safe from hacking: thus, we disclaim any responsibility for data hijacking. The file of the panelists was the subject of a declaration to the CNIL dated March 03, 2010 and whose file reference is the number 1415748.